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1. Chef Deniz Zembo

Chef Deniz Zembo
Chef Deniz Zembo Chef Deniz Zembo

Who is Deniz Zembo?

Deniz Zembo is one of the our most celebrated and imaginative chefs what gourment-guide Gault Millau has confirmed on number of ocsassions as well as other gastro critics. He started his culinrary adventure just over two dacades ago, when cooking evolved from hobby to passion which is present in each one of his dishes.

As people say, it all happend spontaneously, when his hidden culinary art talent has been discoverd by expirienced owners and head chefs of London restaurants. This inspired him to invest his free time in developing culinary skills and learning from masters of the craft. With over 10 years spent in London, one of european capitols in diversity of cultures and customs, helped him to get to know different traditional cuisines, discover new methods of modern day culinary arts and finally acquired knowledge and expirience transfers into impressive dishes.

From time to time, Deniz had cooked for various high delegations visiting presidents Ivo Josipović and Stipe Mesić. He can also credit him self with excelente third place on “Lo mejor de la gastronomia” fair, one of the biggest gastronomy fairs which is held in Alicante, Spain which regularly attracts best chefs from all over the world.

Already mentioned gourment-gouide Gault Millau, once declared his dish most imaginative and most inovative. One of the reasons for that is that he isnt affraid to experimente and try out new recipies, ingredients and methods.

By choosing sesonal ingredients, local products and his never ending imagination he prepares top quality specialties and delicacies on daily basis for its guests in restaurant Amfiteatar.

Besides working in a restaurant, Deniz is also master-lecturer with finished pedagogical course, because of that numerous students from hospitality schools come to him on intership. For number of years Deniz is also engaged as consultant profesor of culinary arts on Faculty of tourism and hospitality management in Opatija where he holds lectures on modern day culinary techniques and methods and gastronomy in general.

Deniz is open. approchable and has overwhelming personality . Exactly this personality, openness and curiosity to discover new things brought him the adjective of one of most respected chefs in Croatia, whose name echoes in international gastronomy.

2. Ivan Smetko

Ivan Smetko

Who is Ivan Smetko? Food Technology eingeneer, PBF Zagreb. His long term and rich experience comes from working in a varieti of different pastry companies „PAN-PEK“ Zagre, „PEKOM“ Krapina and others. He has been a lecturer for seven years on Public Open University Donja Stubica on subjects of flour milling, bakery, pastry and fruit processing. He is a leading auditor of ISO 9001 quality control system and HACCP food saftey. Curently he is working as production director in BRIONKA d.d. bakeing company in Pula.

3. Filip Savić

Filip Savić
Filip Savić

Who is Filip Savić?

Filip Savić is calebrated croatina sommelie which has over two decades of working experience in hospitality, 10 of which he worked in prestigious hotels Monet Mulini and Lone. About his professionalizam, kowledge pool and experience concernin wine, numerous titules and rewards he has aquierd speak the best.

He is a member of Club Croate de Sommellerie a three times champion of Croatina of sommellerie. Along side this, he has competed on numerous international competitions and championships on which he had impressive results. He founds that wine is a link that conects people of different intrests and for him personally represents work and passion.

4. Lorena Boljunčić

Lorena Boljunčić

Who is Lorena Boljunčić?

Lorena Boljunčić is born in Pula where she attende high school on math and IT course. After that she attends and graduates Art History and Comparitive Literacy on Faculty of humanities and social sciences, University of Zagreb as well as masters degree in Marketing on Faculty of economics and business also in Zagreb.

After working in international companies in Zagreb, she starts private company and in 2017. opens House of Istraian Olive Oil.

House of oil is structured to promote top istrian extra virgin olive oils trough historical overview and guided tastings.

During this guided tastings you go trough basics elements of sensors – positive and negatice attributes of oil according international standards and terminology

You learn about olive oil clasification and basics of processing and storeing olive oil so it would mantaine all qualities of extra virgin olive oil, about conditions on olive oil markets while tasting the best istrian oils from different varieties and manufacturers with international rewards.

5. Marko Ristić

Marko Ristić
Marko Ristić

Who is Marko Ristić?

Marko Ristic was born on June 17, 1981. Their rich training began in 2006. At the Royal Celebrity Academy (Miami, USA) where he mastered the Marketing Insights as well high-class skills and access to the guest. The basic knowledge acquired is thus he has been upgraded in numerous associations such as the Association of Serbian Barmen, Barmen and Flair Barmen in Hemingway Bar, Havana Club Master Class in Rijeka, where he completed his knowledge of methods of preparing cocktails, bar equipment, mixing and making Cuban cocktails and knowledge in rum.

His knowledge of preparation and serving of alcoholic beverages has expanded to finish IV. Degree for a commercialist at Diopter-Open University in Pula; gaining the title "beer consultant" in Zagreb Brewery & ADRIATIC EDUCATION in Zagreb; and completed the entire vocation gained by acquiring it a barman professor at the Lavazza training center in Zagreb.

From professional training, Mark's work experience and commitment to start up are more prosperous leading associations, most important of which is the Barmen Association of the Istrian County which is organizing courses and workshops to improve the catering industry. As for work experience, chronologically seen from 2005 to 2013 As a bartender he worked at Celebrity Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, miami; Hemingway bar, Zagreb; Pietas Julia-Coctail Bar, Pula.

As manager and co-owner of bars he worked at Cubus Lux d.o.o., Pula; Arenaturist d.d., Pula and Saša fashion d.o.o., Pula, and today owns its own beach bar Activa Istra d.o.o. in Pula.